Saturday, March 3, 2012

To be Kiwi

I have many excuses up my sleeve to explain why I have been so absent and lazy lately, 
but none of them would really make any difference. 
As a "weather-bomb" sweeps across the North Island, I sit here curled up on my maroon red couch, covered by my lime green polar fleece blanket, nursing a cup of hot lemon and honey, hoping for a quick recovery of this damn flu. 
As the beginning of my final semester of uni creeps up to me I can't help but drift in and out of thought about where my summer went...
Sure, there were some hot sun-filled days, a couple of great road-trips, a day or two at the beach,
but my main memories are of rain, wind, and dark skies
(which may have had a lot to do with staying inside with my fractured ankle during the nicest week of the summer).

One of my favourite moments of recent summer was when my dear friend Meg, and her lovely sister Steph, became official Kiwis.
It was wonderful.
The ceremony was beautiful.
So many different people from many countries and cultures all gathering to be a part of this beautiful country. 
 I didn't even notice that the ceremony could have been a tad more exciting, I was far too excited and busy being snap happy, trying to document this special day for those beautiful girls. 
Congratulations again :D

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