Sunday, May 25, 2014

Selfies and Scaffolding. Part 2

Part 2; Salzburg, the Sound of Music, and Vienna
This the part where I get sick.
Token sore throat and head cold kind of sick.
Which sucked. 
But I wasn't gna let it ruin my fun.
For I was in Salzburg, and this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

I can admit that on the bus to Salzburg I probably wasn't everyone's favourite person... Claire and I forced our tour to listen to The Sound Of Music playlist, which aparently no one likes.
Seriously, more than half the Aussies hadn't even EVER watched the movie.
Anyway, there were 6 of us who went on the Sound of Music tour the next day.
Probably one of the best tours I have ever been on!!!!
We saw SO much of the the beautiful country that is Austria, had the cutest tour guide who sang with enthusiasm the whole trip, and had the most amazing weather. 
Luck was definitely on our side for this one.
We saw all the highlights of the movie; the abbey, the house, the lake, the gazebo, the fountain, the church, the graveyard, including a whole lot of the countryside, while hearing all about the war history of this stunning little place.
A top 5 favourite. 
The best tour!!

A little over 4 hours later we made it back into the main town for some of our own sightseeing. We took the cable car up to the top of the fortress and hung out there for the afternoon.
The views were incredible. The fortress is incredible. The fortress museum was incredibly interesting. The whole town is just absolutely incredible.
Come here and see it all for yourself 

It will not disappoint. 

We ended our stay with a token viewing of The Sound Of Music movie, fondly reminiscing on the places we had seen and been during the morning! 

And then we made our way to Vienna, and my cold/flu/feeling-like-shit thing got to the point where it really wouldn't let me ignore it, which made travelling absolutely horrible.
We only had one night here in Vienna and really only half a day to explore, so after a mini bus tour of the main highlights,  a few of the girls and rugged-up-annoyingly-sick me went picnicking at the Museum Quarter, on the grass in the sun between the beautiful historical museums ♥
A few hot totties and a bit of sleep sounded like the perfect evening remedy before another travel day.
I don't think I ever truly got used to the travel day thing...

On the road again
Part 3; Bratislava, Budapest, and Krakow
*watch this space*

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