Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Irish Bucket List

- Visit the zoo
-Visit Zealandia
- Kayaking
- Somes island
- Scorching bay
- Walk the town belt
- Wander around the bays
- Find the Wellington quote plaques 
- Visit Brooklyn wind turbine
- Go to Mt Vic at night
- Eat fish and chips
-Swimming at OBay
- Go the the cricket at the Basin
- Go to a game at the Cake Tin
- Interislander to Picton
- Mini golf in Picton
- Flying fox at central part, Brooklyn
- Lasertag
- Bowling and drinking at lanez
- Happy Valley mini golf
- Climb the trippy tree
- Have a picnic
- Celebrate St Paddys day
- Crocodile bike & paddle boats
- Eat at 1841
- Picnic on the roof of the boat sheds
- Crafty Quiz
- Send a message in a bottle
- Go to the tire swing
- Blow bubbles on the waterfront

It is our plan to finish this exciting list before my lovely Irish friends Aine and Sarah skip town. :(
Wish us luck :D

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