Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Experiencing Transit

Good bye NZ
(Collage courtesy of Mel)
So it turns out transit isn't too bad!
Singapore airport is so impressive, theres no chance of getting bored. You get a $40 voucher to spend and there are so many areas for resting and relaxing that you just can't go wrong.

I wandered around the terminal with my new friend from the flight, had a beer, visited the impressive smokers area, viewed the amazing rest areas that are surrounded in ponds and plants and fish and tv's, and spent some quality time with the butterflys in the butterfly garden.
I was absolutely blown away by this incredible garden, it was a definite highlight of my transit stay! 

I had already booked myself into the transit hotel well in advance, which was honestly the best advice I could have ever been given. After the first 10 hour flight this was definitely necessary. I couldnt sleep through my anxiety and excitement so killed time by watching movies and reading!! It was a quick but sleepless flight! So at Changi I got to enjoy a room to myself, a nice hot shower before and after an uninterrupted sleep, and complimentary coffee and tea! Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the next 13 hour flight.

Which, by the way, was terrible.

We had constant turbulence, just the small stuff, but enough to annoy me. I struggled to sleep and every time I tried to read I felt annoyingly queasy. So instead I entertained myself with a whole season of "the big bang theory" and a couple of movies!
 Needless to say, by the time I finally ended up in London I was exhausted.
And so incredibly excited!!!

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