Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Siting Waiting Wishing Missing

 On Sunday my boyfriend left for the Navy.
Basic training lasts 13 weeks. 
3 months.
3 months of no contact,
letters only.
3 months of snail mail.
3 months of missing him.
In a way it's exciting.
I love the feeling of receiving a letter in the post,
it often puts a smile on my face.
But the waiting sucks.
I've been wanting to write a letter from the moment he got on the plane,
but I have to wait to receive his letter first.
In the mean time I've started writing my thoughts, (there are many), down in a journal.
I've even gone so far to title them...
"Letters To Will"
It's a bit cringe.
But it helps.

So for now, 
I'm just sitting, waiting, wishing, and missing.

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