Friday, April 20, 2012

Sleep On It

I have a 3000 word assignment due in 4 days.
And I tell myself I have a heap of time.
So I procrastinate.
And BOY do I procrastinate well.
So, on my favourite website, Open Culture, I see a talk from John Cleese,of whom I am a HUGE fan. 
(Well, obviously not huge enough to notice he was in Harry Potter, I was shocked I had missed this.)
The talk, on creativity, explains how we need to avoid distractions, set boundaries of space and time, sleep on a problem, and DO THE WORK. 
Hah, ironic that I watch this in the middle of doing the exact opposite of what he says.
Thanks irony, 
I will take the hint. 
(just after I blog about it)
And if you want to watch an older, longer talk on the same topic, this one would do the trick:

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