Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lady Bird

In my current read, and major inspiration, the author has a poetic and wonderful description of a ladybug. (in only a single paragraph, yet it inspired me)

"How well our little earth-ball of red life hid its ability to fly! It escapes from its sphere as from a hole. Perhaps up in the blue sky it, too, experiences sudden awareness that it is itself... And we find it hard to stop dreaming before the spectacle of this little shell that suddenly starts to fly."
(Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard)

I havn't seen a ladybug in a very long tme, but I do have young memories of getting such wonderful joy from a single, tiny, beautiful insect. The joy comes from that moment when it reveals its wings and flys off into the distance, after a large adventure over the curvy terrain of your hands wrinkles.

They are a symbol of protection and love due to their vibrant red colour and their protective nature and care for your gardens. Also a symbol of good luck. If found, it is said they will bring you good fortune.

All this from a tiny little shelled critter.
Most probably my favourite insect in this world.

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  1. these critters are beyond lovely. i share your awesome love for them m'dear.