Saturday, January 19, 2013

Attempting to Run

I'm trying to be healthy and attempting to get fit.
I thought it was about time really.

Running scares me.
But they say you must face your fears.
So I downloaded an app called C25K which is designed to get my lazy ass of the couch, outta bed, and on the pavement to running my first 5k in 8 weeks.
And then maybe I'll run 10k, then who knows what else.
Wish me luck. 
There was a time where women running was unheard of, not allowed, bad for your health etc.
(I should have been born in that era.)
But I should be glad that others have struggled before me to make my new dream of fitness possible.

"The idea of running long distance was always considered very questionable for women because, 
you know, 
an arduous activity would mean that you were
going to get big legs...
grow a mustache...
hair on your chest...
your uterus was going to fall out..." 
Katherine Switzer

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