Friday, November 18, 2011


The three major creative stages of my life:
I like to think of them as 3 different candles.
One for photography (and photographic images),
one for writing,
and one for drawing.
The photographic candle is made of that kind of plastic-ish, fake wax, the kind that takes forever to burn out.
It is the biggest candle.
The most inspiring.
The most enjoyable.

The writing candle is one of those "trick" candles. Where it may often go out, but will always re-light itself.
This is my favourite candle.
The most influenced.
The most exciting.

The drawing candle has an annoying wick, the kind that won't light when you want it to.
This is the most annoying candle.
The most confusing.
The one I seem to have given up on.
Who knows?
Maybe one day I will relight it.
Or maybe I'll just leave it on the windowsill as a reminder of my creative past.

Either way I'm happy.
So long as I have my camera.

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